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Recovery and rehabilitation takes time. Do it right with Core Stix and utilize our wide variety of exercises and movements.

Aerobic + Strength

The Core Stix Training System - the ultimate solution that merges the benefits of aerobic, strength, and cognitive skill training to enhance the body and mind. Our system empowers therapists with a powerful set of tools to help their clients achieve remarkable results.

Building on the acclaimed success of the original Core Stix system, our advanced product boasts a revolutionary approach to training that not only enhances balance, core strength, and upper/lower body strength, but also targets cognitive function - making it an all-inclusive solution for a wide range of therapy needs.

Join the ranks of therapists who have already experienced the transformative power of Core Stix Training System, and help your clients unlock their full potential with a solution that delivers outstanding results.

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Wheelchair Accessibility

Purpose-built for individuals in wheelchairs. With this innovative solution, we bring the full benefits of our Core Stix Training System to those facing mobility challenges or recovering from injuries.

The Core Stix One offers a perfect solution to keep individuals moving in the right direction towards their health and fitness goals. Our state-of-the-art design provides unparalleled accessibility to our comprehensive training system, allowing for a workout that targets both physical and cognitive functions.

Join us in empowering individuals facing mobility challenges with the Core Stix One. With this powerful tool, you can help your clients achieve remarkable results, all while promoting their overall well-being.

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