Experts Call Breakthrough Core Stix Neurobic Training System the “Future of Therapy”

Experts Call Breakthrough Core Stix Neurobic Training System the “Future of Therapy”

San Antonio, TX—February 13, 2017—The breakthrough new therapy product designed specifically to combine resistance training, aerobic exercise, and skill training or skill challenges has physical therapists lauding it as the next step in the treatment of Parkinson’s and neurological conditions.

Developed with the help of experts in neurologic therapy, the Core Stix Neurobic™ Skill Training System combines aerobic training, strength training, and cognitive skill training in a way that gives therapists more tools to help improve both body and mind. Therapists who had already praised the original Core Stix system for helping improve balance, core strength, and upper/lower body strength are excited about the benefits of a product that can also help improve cognitive function.

active aging users participating in activities with Core Stix

Dr. Beth Fisher of the University of Southern California’s Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy cited research that demonstrates the neurologic benefits of combining goal-based skills training with aerobic exercise. She added that the benefits of the Neurobic Skill System include, “improved cognitive control, improved memory, and improved performance of skilled movements in a range of users, including those afflicted with potentially debilitating neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease.”

Dr. Julie Hershberg, a board-certified neurologic clinical specialist (NCS) and Adjunct Instructor of Physical Therapy at USC, has worked with a wide variety of patients with neurological disorders —including people post-stroke, adults with MS, and children with Cerebral Palsy. She singles out the Neurobic Skill Training System for how easy and intuitive it is for patients of all ages and abilities.

Thrilled to see a way to combine cognitive skills exercises with physical training, Dr. Hershberg called the leading edge system, “the future of therapy and exercise.” She added, “We’re not just exercising our bodies and our hearts, but we’re changing our brains so that we can live longer and healthier and really be at our optimum cognitive function as we age.”



The Neurobic Skill Training System is wheelchair accessible and includes up to four independent stations for multiple users. It can accommodate group training for up to four simultaneous users as well as tandem training for paired or synchronized exercise.

Kregg Koch, the developer of the Neurobic Skill Training System, expressed his enthusiasm for this revolutionary new system. “We are so proud of how easy it is for up to four users to perform aerobic, skill, and resistance training all at once on our system, which the research shows have significant improvements on cognition, mobility, balance, and function. Anyone who sees our system in action will understand how it can have significant physical and neurological benefits for its users.” He adds, “It is our greatest hope that the Neurobic System will be just one of many new tools that therapists can use to improve physical and cognitive function, as Core Stix and other equipment manufacturers continue to develop new ways to combat neurological conditions of our ever-increasing aging population.”

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