Prevent Pain and Stay Active!

Increase your balance, coordination, strength, mobility, and flexibility all with one piece of equipment!

Stay Moving

As you age, you may find that it's harder to keep your body in motion. That's why it's so important to stay active! For seniors, staying active is crucial for staying healthy. It can help prevent heart disease and diabetes, promote better sleep, and reduce depression and anxiety. Exercise has been proven to be good for your heart, improve your sleep, keep you mentally sharp, and of course keeps you looking younger! Core Stix can satisfy your all-in-one fitness needs!

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Prevent Injury

As we age, our bodies go through many changes. It becomes more difficult to recover from injury and we are more likely to suffer from chronic conditions that make it harder to stay fit. But there is good news: working out can help you keep moving and stay active throughout your life.

The benefits of staying fit include improved flexibility, mobility, balance and bone density. These are all important factors in preventing injury. You might think that it's too late for you—but exercise has been shown to help people even after they have suffered injuries or illnesses.

If you're an older adult who wants to stay active but isn't sure where to start, Core Stix is right for you!

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