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Sylvester Stallone

- Fitness Expert

“An actor, writer, and director most recognized for the role in his own screenplay of “Rocky,” which won the Academy Award in 1976 for Best Picture. Stallone is a movie icon and a fitness expert who was one of the very first to use Core Stix in his routine”

Kathy Smith

- Fitness Expert

“Through my 30+ years in the fitness industry, I've seen a lot of exercise equipment. Every once in a while, there's an absolute breakthrough product and Core Stix is just that. It's a game-changer because it expands the way you think about training and fitness. I love Core Stix for its versatility- whether you're looking to develop rock-hard abs or defying aging. Core Stix builds strength, balance, and coordination that's accessible for all fitness levels. The possibilities are endless. Working out just got better!”

David Lower, PT, DPT

Owner, Gainesville Physical Therapy & Wellness

"I am very impressed how I was able to target the movement patterns I was after with greater ease and less cuing on my part and have motor memory even if for a short period of time.

Core Stix is quickly becoming the go to piece of equipment in the clinic and I have already ordered a second. I can easily see the clinic having several and performing group full body exercise classes etc. The possibilities are many. Thank you Core Stix for making such a great product."

Erin Caudill, PT, DPT, NCS

- Certified Neurologic Specialist Physical Therapist
Adjunct Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy,

“I like using Core Stix for my patients with hip weakness and balance problems. I haven’t found anything that works as well to teach this patient a hip strategy and also work on their strength and control."

Ben Quznia

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Rehab Director, Rehab Authority

“At first I thought Core Stix was a “fad”, a piece of equipment that would just come and go. I didn’t really know where it would fit in my clinic. But, as I’ve gotten to use it over the last year I’ve found it to be a very valuable tool for a lot of different types of patients and I’m really a BIG FAN now!

The patient feedback has really been great. We’ve been able to use it on a wide variety of different patients from low level post surgical patients to high level athletes and they’ve all been able to find their own way to make it challenging effectively.”

Cara Troutman-Enseki

- Physical Therapist at the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine

"Core Stix is a very versatile piece of equipment that does not take up a lot of space in the clinic. It mimics functional movement patterns unlike a lot of the weight equipment that is found in gyms. This allows a carry over to real movement patterns in your patient’s rehabilitation.

I strongly recommend Core Stix for all physical therapy clinics.
I work solely with patients post-concussion conditions. Core Stix has allowed me to strengthen the scapular and core musculature of my patients with cervical impairments. I can strengthen them in a neutral position without a lot of cervical movement.

As they progress through the stages of concussion rehabilitation, Core Stix allows for more dynamic movements and exercises with head turns."

Eldon Johnson

- Owner, Rehab Director, and Physical Therapist, Rehab Authority

"I am an owner and partner with Rehab Authority. When we first saw Core Stix in January 2013, we thought it was SO COOL! We originally put them in about half of our clinics to try them out, and soon added them to the rest of our clinics. In our clinics we do a lot of spinal rehabilitation and a lot of core strengthening stabilization.

So, Core Stix works perfectly with what we do. I want to give a “TWO
THUMBS UP” to Core Stix!"

Galen Danielson, PT, DPT

- Chief Operations Officer, Rehab Authority

“We now have 15 sets of Core Stix in our clinics and they are fantastic. The beauty of Core Stix in the rehab setting is the ability to engage dysfunctional core stabilizers in different positions. By having patients on their feet and performing a variety of movements, nearly everything we do is functional and translated into "real life" activities."

Julie Hershberg, PT, DPT, NCS

- Owner [re+active] Physical Therapy & Wellness

“I love the versatility of Core Stix for balance, strengthening and functional exercises for clients with neurologic disorders.

It is unique in that you can provide both a point of stability and challenge postural control at the same time – crucial for this population. It can also be used to assist an activity like in an assisted squat, lunge or sit to stand or provide resistance, depending on the client’s level of ability. We have clients that ask to come in for wellness activities, just to use Core Stix."

Jonathan C. Sum, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS

- Director of USC Physical Therapists Associates
Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy, Los Angeles, CA

“We love Core Stix. We have made great use with both our Ortho and our neurologic populations.

With Core Stix, we are getting patients more upright and getting more core activation without difficulty. I even had one patient cancel her cervical spine MRI, because after one day of exercises on Core Stix, her neck pain resolved."

Douglas J. Hoogendyk, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT, CSCS

- Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency University of Southern
California Fellowship in Biomechanics, Movement Performance

“Core Stix has contributed greatly towards our facility being able to offer challenging and diverse movements to our core strengthening and stability programs, as well as our lower extremity strengthening progression. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the Core Stix platform for our facility has been the EMG activation levels we have produced while using the Core Stix System."


- Core Stix User from Idaho

" I was introduced to Core Stix while receiving physical therapy for my
neck and lower back. I am seventy years old and retired. My orthopedic
surgeon recommended the therapy as a hopeful alternative to the
probable fusion of some vertebrae. Exercising while standing up gives me more control and the variety of
exercises covers all the muscle groups that I need to strengthen. I
completed my physical therapy last week and I started searching the
internet to see if I could find a way to purchase a Core Stix system to use
at home.

Mike Kadar, the owner, and inventor of Core Stix, sent me a personal
email to ask if I had any questions that he could help me answer. I later
spoke with Mike on the phone and had a great conversation. He was
very helpful and personable, and I made the decision to order the Core
Stix Pro Board- Essential Stix Package. "

Judy Sims-Barlow

- Core Stix User from Colorado

“I began using Core Stix in PT sessions following spinal fusion surgery
shortly after my 77 th  birthday.   My legs, hips and back were weak and
needed to relearn to work together, as neural patterns had been disrupted
and needed to be reestablished. It was so effective I purchased a home
unit to be able to continue its benefits after PT.  It is making a significant
difference in my recovery and is fun. I actually look forward to my

The system is ingenious.  It is simple, no moving parts to break or need maintenance or adjusting and it does not need a lot of space as it is easily moved or stored against a wall.  It is designed to work for a wide range of  abilities, including seniors and wheelchair users on up to
accomplished athletes including weight lifters.  So you can keep
challenging yourself as you recover and become stronger."

Steve Aragon

- Core Stix User

"I will be 67 in December 2020 and I have been a sports enthusiast all my
life, We weren't so savvy about body fitness and proper training in the
70s and I probably punished my body more than I should have in my
early years. As a result, I have had significant neck and back spinal
issues and I just underwent my 3rd neck and 5th lower back surgery in
February 2020.  

Core Stix has been a vital part of my rehab and conditioning for the past
7 years and has essentially replaced my free weight lift exercising.  Core
Stix is much easier on my joints and back and I can get a much more
efficient workout using more muscle groups in a shorter amount of time
with the Core Stix."

Carrie Bentz Krosse

- Core Stix Power User

“If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” Core Stix has changed everything for me. My workouts are harder and more dynamic than ever. I’m ALWAYS excited for class and motivated to do the work. The results speak for themselves: I am stronger, leaner, smaller, more flexible. I also have more endurance (did I mention I was able to do 50 burpees?!?!), confidence, and balance.”

Heather Rosemeier

- Fitness Trainer

“My friend Pat posted a quote from Bob Marley that I thought was perfect, ”You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” Core Stix has me exercising very differently than I’m used to. I always workout with my soul, and Core Stix reached a new part of it!”

Cassandra Buncie

- Black N Gold Girls

“Everything has improved: my balance, stability, flexibility, and mental clarity. Most of all, my confidence has greatly increased! Additionally, I have more overall energy, sleep soundly through the night, and wake up feeling refreshed and without aches and pains! Core Stix kept me in a "challenge and support" state. Once you get a feel for the Stix and trust them, you can really start to go deeper into each workout!”

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