From Death Bed to IRONMAN, this is Sebastien Bellin's Story

From Death Bed to IRONMAN, this is Sebastien Bellin's Story


Sebastien is a Brazilian-Belgian former professional basketball player. He has also been a part of the Belgian national basketball team and is the co-founder of the original sports playback technology, Keemotion. Successful in business and sport and living comfortably with his wife and two girls, his life was changed in an instant.

The Day Things Changed

On March 16, 2016, two suicide bombers carrying explosives in suitcases attacked the departure wing of the Brussels Airport, killing 32 civilians and injuring 340 others. On a day that was supposed to be like any other, Sebastien now found himself fighting for his life and legs as he was critically injured in the attack.

Choosing Life

By the work of a miraculous team of medical professionals, Sebastien’s life and leg were saved. As he laid in the hospital bed, still unsure of what challenges would lay ahead with his handicap, he made the decision.“I’m going to run the rest of my life.”

He's Going to Run Again

After months in the hospital and committing to a lifetime of rehab, Sebastien graduated from wheelchair to walker to walking on his own. In 2018 he re-entered the arena of sport, when he completed a marathon in Belgium in 2018, fulfilling his promise to himself to himself to keep on running. 

Onto the IRONMAN

Following the completion of the Marathon, Sebastien went searching for the next challenge when he came across the 70.3 IRONMAN Triathlon; a race that includes a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mike run.

4 images of Sebastien Bellin in the playing basketball, in the terrorist attack, in recovery, and running

5 Reasons Why Sebastien Bellin uses Core Stix

As a handicapped athlete, Sebastien's uses Core Stix to work on strength and mobility. 

He shared with us his top 5 reasons why he puts Core Stix in his routine.

1. He Loves the Core in Core Stix

"No matter what exercise I am doing, my core is engaged, making every movement a full-body challenge."

Sebastien Bellin using Core Stix

2. It Just Fits

"Well for one, I can have it in my home without taking up much space, and also, at 6'9, I can use it as well as any standard height person without having to make modifications to get the same exercise. It is very cool."

Sebastien using Core Stix

3. Getting Creative

"I like to play. With Core Stix I am always finding new exercises I can do. It never gets boring for me." 

Sebastien with Core Stix

4. Support As Needed 

"With the compromise to my leg, I have to be very intentional that I am performing movements correctly. Sometimes, support for me is relying on the sticks to modify a movement. I am working on pistol squats right now. They are such a fun challenge."

sebastien using Core Stix

5.  Cross Training for the Win 

"Training for the IRONMAN requires a huge amount of cardio. With Core Stix I can do strength training with the functional movements, but I don't have to lift heavy weights, further breaking down my muscles. I've found it is a really good pairing for the triathlon."


If you'd like to learn more about Sebastien's story, check out his TED Talk here, or follow him on Facebook and Instagram. 

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