Study: Core Stix Burns 44.5% more Calories than Treadmill

Study: Core Stix Burns 44.5% more Calories than Treadmill

It is no secret that burning calories through exercise is an essential part of good health, weight loss, and happiness. Core Stix has developed a product that is proven to burn calories with astonishing results, while also building muscle for sustained calorie burning long after the workout is over!



Preliminary results from a study conducted by Long Island University-Brooklyn (“LIU”) shows that working out on Core Stix can burn up to 44.5% more calories than exercising on a treadmill, and up to 61.7% more calories than exercising on an elliptical machine.

And that is just during the workout.  Core Stix builds muscle that will continue burning calories long after the workout is over so that the benefits of a Core Stix workout over that of a treadmill and elliptical machine can be even greater.   The study was conducted by Kevin Duffy, Assistant Professor, Division of Athletic Training, Health & Exercise Science at LIU, and Dr. David Spierer, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory in LIU’s Division of Sports Sciences.

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Professor Duffy is impressed with how well Core Stix works. “Core Stix offers the ability to perform an exercise circuit in minimal time, without the impact and potential for injury found on typical exercise equipment, and allows users to train multiple systems that cannot be duplicated on one piece of equipment alone,” states Professor Duffy.

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