It should come as no surprise that the Active Aging population is the fastest-growing market in the fitness industry. The population is getting older and unlike many of the previous generations, they are doing so kicking and screaming. For the most part, their parent’s generation as they got older if they found they couldn’t continue doing an activity without pain, they just stopped the activity. Not Baby Boomers. They want to continue to be as active as ever and heaven forbid they should have any aches or pains.  This is the best market to go after, they are willing to do what it takes to get out of pain, and prevent going under the knife, and they can afford our services.

Unfortunately what I hear the most from this demographic is that they don’t feel comfortable in regular gyms.  They are very intimidating to the older crowd. They can’t help but try to compare themselves to those around them who might be 20-30 years their junior and have been active most of their life.  Then you have large equipment that’s confusing to use and has the potential if done improperly to hurt you.  They go a few times and then quit.  However, when these same clients see the Core Stix for the first time, they are immediately drawn to it. They aren’t intimidated at all. In fact, they ask what it is and then they go up and immediately try it out.

I have a 70-year-old client who admits he is a curmudgeon. He hates exercise but knows he needs it so he puts up with it twice a week. When I first installed the Core Stix he walked up to it and asked, “So what does this do?” After 1 exercise (Stir the Pot) he looked at me and said “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I see the value of this piece. This is really slick.” This blew me away, I had never gotten any response like this from him, ever.

All of my clients love the Core Stix, and they ask to use them. In fact, I got rid of a few cable units to bring in more Core Stix. They have become my staff’s favorite piece of equipment.

The Core Stix give you a wonderful leg up on the competition, once you demonstrate the Core Stix to the aging person. Demonstrate to them that they will increase their balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility all with one piece, and believe me they will sign up for more.