Good lifestyle and beauty are synonymous with Brazil.  Capitalizing on those qualities is Studio Integrado Mormaii Fitness, a new fitness franchise from Mormaii of South Brazil.

Studio Mormaii’s mission: to prepare its clients to better play the sports or activities they want, live healthier lives and be able to have control of their bodies.  To achieve this mission, Studio Mormaii searched for equipment and innovation from all over the world.

Enter: Core Stix. Ferrari first discovered Core Stix through Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady, a Core Stix owner, and later forged the relationship with Core Stix after meeting at IHRSA in 2014.

“Core Stix is a big part of this project since it has a large number of movements and possibilities in one piece of equipment,” says Ferrari. “It combines with the concept and the proposal of the Mormaii Method.”

Mormaii Core Stix 2  Mormaii Core Stix 3

“People love working with Core Stix and we are able to work with different clients and different objectives, which makes this product very important in our strategy.”

Mormaii Studios just launched a new Studio in Londrina, Paraná. The Mormaii Studios work with the Mormaii Method and all the professionals receive training so they continue to improve. In this way, Mormaii Studios is able to deliver the best new experiences for its clients.

Mormaii Core Stix Outside  Mormaii Core Stix Outside 2

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