Running your own physical therapy practice is extremely rewarding. However, it’s also equally challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the right equipment. Exercise and rehab equipment is not cheap. You want to continually invest in what’s necessary to help the majority of your population achieve better outcomes, without accumulating too much debt.

Whether you’re opening or expanding your practice, Core Stix is a pillar investment that many physical therapists are saying they wouldn’t go without. Here are five reasons why you need Core Stix for your practice:

1.) Core Stix is Ultra-Versatile

Core Stix safely builds functional strength for patients of all types and ability levels. In clinics that use Core Stix, it’s not uncommon to see an athlete on the system one minute and an elderly patient on it the next. It’s even used for patients in wheelchairs.

“Literally everyone can do it,” says Corey Rasmussen, owner of Physical Therapy Specialists of Idaho (PTSI). “We often have a line of patients waiting to use it.”

2.) Every Exercise Engages the Core

Core Stix is designed so that patients perform exercises in motions that correlate to their daily lives. There’s a big difference between doing a traditional bench press—a motion that doesn’t really translate to anything functionally—and doing an upright exercise that targets the same muscle groups while also activating the core muscles. Core strength is essential for every single patient, and Core Stix engages the core with every single exercise.

3.) It Picks Up the Pace

Particularly for injured or elderly patients, the time spent getting down on the floor for an exercise, standing back up, and moving from one machine to another will limit their ability to get into a rhythm. The same goes even for healthy patients—the lost minutes needlessly extend their workout. And, over the course of a day, you might find yourself seeing fewer patients, running on a tight schedule, or both.

Core Stix enables everyone in your population to crank out a variety of exercises without the in-between time. They get more engaging and higher intensity exercise, and you can move patients in and out of your facility more efficiently.

4.) It’s a Space Saver

For those who are in the process of opening a practice for the first time, it can be tough to gauge how big of a space you should rent (and can afford). Even once your practice is up and running, you’ll always find yourself wanting more space.

Many commonly used machines, such as cables, swallow up large portions of your usable space and provide limited capabilities in return. Core Stix is a space saver in several ways: 1) The possibilities, in terms of exercises and workout combinations, are endless; 2) The platform itself is compact, and 3) It’s storable. Use the extra space you gain with Core Stix for additional equipment, increased capacity, or even just to create some breathing room.

5.) It Will Set You Apart from Your Competitors

Buying new equipment is always a big decision. In order to gain an edge over your competition, you have to be an early adapter and make the right investments at the right times.

If you’re looking for a true competitive edge—something that will set your facility apart from others—look no further than Core Stix. Versatility and effectiveness aside, patients actually enjoy using it. Why would they ever consider going to any other physical therapist when you’re the only one in town with Core Stix?

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