Our own blogger, Cassandra Buncie, is another Black n Gold Girls Core Stix Challenge success.

When we began the challenge I started on all white or light stix. Even squats where a challenge! By our final week, I was able to do 50 squats using blue or heavy stix. Through progressive movements, I was able to build a solid muscle foundation.Also when we began the challenge, I was barely able to complete 8 burpees. Now, I can perform 50 in under 4 minutes! Additionally, as a casual jogger, I was able to shave 7 minutes off of my 5k time in only 3 weeks.Everything has improved.. my balance, stability, flexibility, mental clarity but most of all my confidence! Additionally, I have more overall energy, sleep soundly though the night and wake up refreshed no longer with aches and pains! Core Stix kept me in a ‘challenge and support’ state. Once you get a feel for the Stix and trust them, you can really start to go deeper into each workout!

I was able to lose 17 inches and 5 lbs in 12 weeks while using Core Stix. Areas where I lost were my:

Arms: 1″
Chest: 4″
Waist: 5″
Hips: 4″
Thighs: 3″

Cassandra, you’re a star!

Update: Talking to Cassandra this morning and she’s lost another 5 pounds… that’s a total of 10 pounds!