Achieve maximal activation of the Gluteus Maximus and Medius muscles with this single-leg movement on Core Stix to get greater trunk and hip strength and stability.

Using a surface EMG for biofeedback and validation, we perform single-leg exercises for significant Gluteus Medius activation (shown in pink) and Gluteus Maximus activation (shown in yellow).

This Core Stix Single Starfish Movement with Band is one of a series of the advanced trunk and hip stabilization and strengthening exercises demonstrated by Physical Therapist Douglas Hoogendyk.

The functionality of the Core Stix allows any therapist to take a dynamic movement and load it specifically for the targeted muscle groups, aiding in not only strengthening the glute complex but also working on motor recruitment and sequencing. Core Stix allows you to take a movement pattern out of the playing field and into the rehab center.

Additionally, progressions and regressions are easily added to any single-leg exercise.  For regressions, simply keep the planted foot firmly positioned on the ground, and lightly drag the other foot across the platform, keeping the toe touching for balance and stability while keeping the majority of the load on the planted foot.

Featuring: Douglas J. Hoogendyk, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT, CSCS.