Almost any therapist will agree that having the newest and most effective products on the market is great for business. Whether you want to achieve better outcomes with less effort, provide greater accessibility to a wider range of patients, or increase your business revenue, Core Stix is the single most effective therapy tool to get you there!

But don’t just take it from us. Six top physical therapists from around the country explain how you can get better outcomes and better return on investment with Core Stix than with any other therapy device on the market.

1.) Jonathan C. Sum, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS

Director of USC Physical Therapists Associates

“Core Stix is one of the most frequently used products in our facility.  It works for patients across a very wide age range and is easier for our older patients to get on than treadmills, reformers, and similar equipment.  The patient only has to pick up their foot two inches to get on Core Stix and doesn’t have to think very much to use it.

We use Core Stix a lot on our knee and hip patients for squats. I love Core Stix because you can do assisted or resisted squats. And for shoulder and upper extremity patients, Core Stix is great because it enables partially closed chain strengthening, as compared to the standard dumbbells, cables, or bands. It requires the patient to activate the scapulae and the core musculature along with the shoulder musculature.”

2.) Amy Lee, PT, MPT, OCS

Owner, PT Central of Chickasha, Blanchard, NW OKC, and North Edmond

“Just about all of our patients use Core Stix in some fashion or another. I haven’t found anything like it, nor have I seen anything that can match its versatility or accomplish the same goals across such a wide variety of patients. Core Stix has given my clinic a whole new dimension of strength and balance training, and it seems like the possibilities of creating new exercises are endless.”

3.) Tyler Burcham, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Owner & Rehab Director, RehabAuthority

“There’s nothing comparable to Core Stix, which is why we have them in all of our clinics. I can start an 87-year-old grandmother on it, and then have a 25-year-old athlete doing the same exercise, with both patients accomplishing their own training goals. Core Stix also works seamlessly for Neuromuscular Re-Education, maximizing insurance reimbursements, and the level of care for our patients.”

4.) Galen Danielson, PT, DPT

COO, RehabAuthority

“The beauty of Core Stix in the rehab setting is the ability to engage dysfunctional core stabilizers in different positions. By having patients on their feet and performing a variety of movements, nearly everything we do is functional and translated into “real life” activities.”

5.) Danny Smith, PT, DHSC, OCS, SCS, ATC

President/CEO, Physical Therapy Services, P.A.

“We have found Core Stix to be a wonderful product for our entire patient population, including most all of our ortho/sports, post-surgery, total joint (total hip, total knee) replacement, balance issue, and neuro patients. In addition to its many resistance-based exercises, Core Stix also gives our patients with balance deficiencies assistance so that they can be more independent while performing functional exercises.”

6.) Cara Troutman-Enseki, PT, DPT, OCS

Senior Phys. Ther., Centers for Rehab Services

“Core Stix is a very versatile piece of equipment that does not take up a lot of space in the clinic. It mimics functional movement patterns and allows a carry over to real movement patterns in your patients’ rehabilitation. Core Stix has allowed me to strengthen the scapular and core musculature of my patients with cervical impairments in a neutral position without a lot of cervical movement. As they progress, Core Stix allows for more dynamic movements and exercises with head turns. I strongly recommend Core Stix for all physical therapy clinics.”

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