Core Stix isn’t just for athletes and fitness fanatics. The active aging community is seeing tremendous results with our full-body platform because it enables seniors to build functional strength safely and effectively.

Physical therapists are also integrating Core Stix into advanced fall prevention routines that help their patients achieve a trifecta of core strength, lower body strength, and balance, so that they can avoid being among the 2.5 million adults in the U.S. age 65 and older who are treated in the emergency room for fall injuries each year.

Core Stix is a new experience for anyone who tries it, and seniors are especially surprised by how different a Core Stix workout is from the workout they might have been used to. Here are 5 things older adults say after their first time using Core Stix:

“That Was Fun!”

Possibly the most rewarding thing we hear consistently is that senior patients actually enjoy using Core Stix. Whenever people can get excited about their workout, it makes a huge difference in engagement, dedication, and—for trainers and therapists—client retention.

“That Beats Lying Down and Getting Back Up.”

The resounding trend in physical therapy revolves around getting patients off the floor and in a standing upright position. Getting up and down for different exercises will slow down anyone’s workout; the time and energy drain is magnified for older adults, who often have difficulty and even pain transitioning between standing, sitting, and lying down. On Core Stix, every exercise is performed while standing.

“It Feels Like Balance and Strength Training at the Same Time.”

While many traditional machines train for either balance or strength, Core Stix challenges users to build both at the same time through an unlimited combination of different motions. Exercises like the Standing Stir The Pot and Step Up With Press are great for improving balance and core strength in older adults.

“Core Stix has made a huge difference in balance, in gait, in functional mobility, and in the safety of our patients,” says Shellee Ager, Director of Rehab for St. John’s Lutheran Ministries. “We’re already seeing amazing results.”

“It’s Easy on the Joints.”

Much free weight, body weight, and machine exercises simply aren’t safe for seniors. On Core Stix, virtually every exercise is accessible to any patient of any skill level. That’s because the system allows for highly adjustable resistance and assistance and can also foster equally adjustable stability or instability. As a user improves their strength and balance, they can adjust the Core Stix rods accordingly. In the case of an older adult, this equates to a workout that is challenging to the body and mind, yet gentle on the joints.

“The Exercises Feel Like Things I Do in Real Life.”

Core Stix was built to help users gain functional strength. An older adult’s workout on Core Stix will directly relate to their everyday lives, from hobbies like tennis and golf to simple tasks such as walking, gardening, and lifting objects. This makes working out more appealing, more enjoyable, and more rewarding.

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